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Alessandro Cortini | “SABBIA” | Video + Quattro date in Italia!

condivide il video per
brano tratto da VOLUME MASSIMO 
disponibile ora su Mute [PIAS]

Guardalo QUI

06 dicembre – Monk, Roma
07 dicembre – Argo 16, Venezia
20 dicembre – Teatro Comunale, Cervia
28 dicembre – Dancity Festival, Foligno

“A welcome return from one of the maestros of electronic music with an expertly produced record of exquisite beauty.” – Bleep
“an instrumental masterpiece that adds to an already incredible body of work by the gifted and skilled composer.” Exclaim 9/10
“a much deeper, denser record than Cortini has released before, full of expanding structures that seem to reach outwards into their surroundings.” the Quietus
“… exquisite sound design… “ – Uncut

Alessandro Cortini has shared the new video for ‘SABBIA’. Directed by Emilie Elizabeth and Alessandra Leone, the new video opens out the visual mood of the album’s artwork into a film that will be familiar to fans who have already had the chance to see Cortini’s live performances across Europe and North America.

The track, described by Resident Advisor as slow-burning industrial grind”, is taken from his acclaimed new album, VOLUME MASSIMO, out now on Mute and #2 in Bleep’s Albums of the Year. A exclusive cassette of the album, limited to 150 copies will be available from Bleep, get yours here: https://bleep.com/album-of-the-year-2019-ac-vm

Following the live launch at Berlin Atonal and an incredible performance at the Barbican, Cortini continues his VOLUME MASSIMO Tour with performances throughout Europe – updated tour dates below.

Alessandro Cortini’s music casts the listener into an intricately rendered vortex of emotive dynamics, where he expertly maximises the boundaries of contemporary electronic music, both in his solo work and as a member of Nine Inch Nails. The new album, Volume Massimo, combines his fondness for melody with the rigour of experimental practice and strikes a balance between analogue composition and cathartic dissonance into a momentous continuation of the aching electronics that he’s renowned for.

Volume Massimo picks up directly from the previous album, 2017’s Avanti, with the whisper of voices from that release slipping to the surface on the album’s opener, ‘Amore Amaro’.

From here, Volume Massimo takes flight, journeying into a meditative process that gently twists time and memory in its wake with a deftly arranged ensemble of synthesizers saturated with sonic artefacts. Often the foreground is luscious, and hints at Cortini’s pop sensibilities, as the background takes us down a vast melancholic maze. Perhaps surprisingly, his latest work is interspersed with guitar motifs that act as a subtle punctuation for the oneiric landscapes that shimmer before us.

Never falling prey to needless elaboration or digression, Cortini composes with a determined will to take what is felt through music as a map for life’s journey. It is in this sense that Volume Massimo departs from a conceptual hierarchy and aims for the heart with a minimalist’s arrow.

6 Dec – Rome IT – Monk
7 Dec – Venice IT – Argo 16

11 Dec – Brussels BE – Bozar Electronic Series
20 Dec – Cervia IT – Modulo Festival
28 Dec – Foligno IT – Dancity   

1 Feb – Paris FR – Lafayette
11 April – Bruges BE – Concertgebouw

IMMEDIATE HORIZON – with Lawrence English (2018, Important Records)
AVANTI (2017, Point of Departure Recordings)
FORSE (2015, Important Records)
RISVEGLIO (2015, Hospital Productions)

Buy the album: https://mute.ffm.to/acvm

Listen to ‘Amore Amaro’ here: https://youtu.be/MVJC–9Swuk
Watch the video for ‘Batticuore: https://youtu.be/fOnDwwMPgHg


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